Te de Campo is more than a perfume, is an Ode to rainy days in the countryside, The smell of fresh earth and the feel of a porcelain cup in your hands. Steaming with a brew of tea and wild leaves from the tropical Forest. Warming your soul as you contemplate the changing weather. This spicy perfume opens with a fresh citric scent mixed with black tea and a smoky vanilla base. With a heart of Nutmeg and pepper, it reminisces of a wonderfully warm and comforting drink prepared in the kitchen of a farm house. Notes: Bergamot, Black Tea, Green Tea, Nutmeg, Pepper, Cedar and Vanilla Absolute. As an intimate indulgence our botanical solid perfumes are meticulously made with a vegan plant-based, organic wax and natural moisturising oils. Because it contains botanical oils our perfumes are designed to interact with the skins chemistry. Our perfumes are a genderless creation that magnifies the skin’s unique identity. Simply dab in your pulse points for the ultimate aromatic experience.


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