This perfume was made for the sea lover. Inspired by the sound of waves softly lapping the boat’s side, salty wind tangling your hair and the soft mist of the whales passing by. A unexpected and refreshing aroma, with a note of soft and creamy coconut lightly complimented by the crisp joyful notes of verbena and sea grass. 

5 grams of leak proof compact container. 

Notes: Verbena, lemongrass, Coconut and vanilla.

Intended as an intimate indulgence- our botanical solid perfumes are made with a vegan plant-based, organic wax and rich oils. Composed to interact with the skin chemistry, our perfumes are a genderless creation that works with the skin’s unique identity. Simply dab in your pulse points for the ultimate aromatic experience.

Ingredients: Vegan wax, Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil, Perfume ( proprietary blend of essential oils, botanical extracts, and natural aroma molecules). 

Made in the gorgeous Dominican Republic.