We bring you a new world of scents to be discovered. the caribbean inspired perfumery is something unique, light, fresh, genderless, and works heavenly in all weathers. The principal ingredient in this formula is the mythic Orange flower. Charged with symbolism in local culture, as bringing good fortune- this citric perfume is softened by the amber notes. Cedarwood and cosmopolitan to create a warm genderless aroma to refresh you on your adventures. 

Notes: Orange Blossom, Kumquat, Tuberose, Honey suckle, black pepper. 

Our perfumes as the ultimate indulgence our botanical solid perfumes are made with a vegan plant-based, organic wax and rich oils. Composed to interact with the skin chemistry, our perfumes are a genderless creation that magnifies the skin’s unique identity. Simply dab in your pulse points for the ultimate aromatic experience.


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