The quarantine has been a moment of much reflection, overwhelming at times, but on the other hand it has given me the opportunity to restructure my businesses and brands. The pandemic is an opportunity that we have as specie to design a new course of life, and the best way of doing it is for each of us to be her/his best version. We are learning to connect with the other from isolation and confinement and today more than ever it is important how we present ourselves visually, and how we transmit our message, how we present ourselves to the world. Our Branding express package is a fundamental tool on the path of personal brand development and how you interact with the world.


Artists in all cultures and at all times have had difficulties a making a way of life of something "non-essential”. During moments like this art becomes a luxury, and in times of survival and austerity they suffer more than ever, since they do not have special subsidies either. Through this initiative we want to support the arts, in our branding packages we include digitized original works. When you receive the complete Branding you will also receive a sheet from the artist or designer who participated in the project.


We will decipher your concept of beauty, and from there we will create an aesthetic line that is a reflection of you, seeking coherence with the tangible world, between the aesthetics of the message, your purpose as a person, and the functionality of the graphics that we generate. Once the process is complete, you will receive the digital files that you can use in networks, stationery, and many more applications.